Accident Update

An update on the fatality crash that occurred on Minnesota Ave. and 41st St at 11:50 AM on Thursday, February 14th, 2013. A total of seven vehicles were involved in the crash that left one driver dead at the scene and sent six people to local hospitals out of two of the vehicles.

Prior to the collision, A 1998 Buick Century occupied once was stopped at the 41st St redlight in the outside, northbound lane of Minnesota Ave. A 1991 Chevy pick-up occupied once was stopped behind the Buick. A 2001 Dodge Durango occupied five times was stopped behind the pickup. A 1998 Chevy Blazer occupied once was northbound at an extremely high rate of speed and struck the Durango, which was pushed into the Chevy pickup, which was pushed into the Buick. The Buick was pushed into two eastbound vehicles on 41st Street that were legally traversing the intersection on a green light. The first of the eastbound vehicle was a 2012 Ford pickup in the outside lane and a 1996 Chevy minivan in the inside lane. The previously stopped Buick struck the Ford pickup first which was pushed into the Chevy minivan.

After the Chevy Blazer that was traving at a high rate of speed struck the Dodge Durango, it veered onto the Taylor’s Pantry gas station located on the southeast corner, struck a large sign surrounded by cement landscaping blocks. The Blazer vaulted off the sign, struck a parked, unoccupied Chrysler minivan and came to a rest upside down near the gas pumps. A small fire that started from the collision on the Blazer was quickly extinquished by first responders.

The driver of the 1998 Chevy blazer that started the chain reaction of events was pronounced dead at the scene. No names are being released pending the notification of the next of kin. All five occupants of the Dodge Durango and the driver of the Chevy pickup were transported to several local hospitals with non-life threatening injuries. The Investigation is continuing.

Updated: February 15, 2013 — 02:56
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